Samriddha Pahad’s Mountain Finance model is a unique approach that attracts financing from Nepali financial institutions to provide sustainable livelihoods to those living in the hills and mountains of Nepal. The Mountain Finance model involves working in the remote hills and mountains where there is a high incidence of poverty, but also high potential for economic development in order to attract private sector investment. This approach includes institutional capacity building, financial literacy training, agriculture value chain strengthening, market linkages and enterprise development support, as well as a strong focus on working alongside existing development initiatives and private sector partners.


Investment Models

Samriddha Pahad UK works through the following investment models:

Wholesale Financing Model: Community institutions and cooperatives (savings and credit, agriculture, dairy, etc) are linked with banks and financial institutions (BFIs) to facilitate loans to individuals in rural areas. We also work closely with the people taking these loans to build their financial literacy, provide livelihood support and link them to markets for their products.
Guarantee Fund Model: Innovative practices such as guarantee funds are used to reach out to clients in the most rural and remote areas through financial institutions through first loan loss provisioning.
Deficit Financing Model: Microfinance institutions are provided with catalytic subsidies to open new microfinance branches in Nepal. We also assist microfinance institutions to provide financial literacy and livelihood training to rural clients.

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